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The home stretch


It’s finally here.

The last full week of classes and of my educational career…at least for now. I never thought I’d see the day, but sure enough, graduation is less than two weeks away.

There’s something strangely motivating about knowing that in just a few short days, I’ll be done for good. All that senioritis I’ve been talking about seems to be somewhere on the back burner and I’m not going to question it. I’m going to take this little burst of motivation and run with it. “To do” lists are currently littered all over my house.

This brings me to yet another piece of advice for youcollege seniors out there–write things down.

I don’t know why, but for me, just the act of writing down what I need to get done helps calm my nerves and get me focused. Maybe it’s the visual learner inside me, but I have a feeling this technique can be helpful no matter your learning style.

I’ve got lists written on paper, on my bedroom mirror, in a planner, and on sticky notes–the paper and digital version.

So, take this opportunity to focus and get on track. We’re almost done!

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Sports column: Why sports are more than just sports

I remember an instance when I was sitting in the stands during one of the many EMU football games I’ve attended over my four years. Late in the fourth quarter, an inevitable loss was in the horizon among a string of disappointing losses all season. I was a sophomore and witnessing my team post a winless season after a bleak three-win season the year before.

Yet, as expected as the loss should have been, I was devastated. It seemed like my heart was literally aching and I couldn’t shake the sad, hopeless feeling in the pit of my stomach. I vividly remember looking up to a grey, overcast sky and thinking out loud, “Why do I care?”

“Why does a football team have so much stake in my well-being?”

“It’s a game for God’s sake.”

“It means nothing.”

But that’s just it—it meant everything. It wasn’t just a game or just a football team, it was my school, my community, my family. I was watching my family fail again and again and it seemed that no amount of hard work or perseverance could lift them to success.

That anecdote leads me to my ultimate point. No matter how much you love sports or hate sports and what they stand for, there is no arguing that they’re more than just games played on a field or a court, more than just a final box score, more than throwing a ball or shooting a puck.

Sports represent so much of what we hold sacred in our society—family, commitment, hard work leading to success. It’s all so relevant.

I can’t watch a Steelers game on Sunday without feeling nostalgic. I’m not reminiscing about exciting games from the past, but thinking about all the Sundays I spent watching football with my dad.

Maybe getting a pit in my stomach over a loss is a bit extreme.

But, is it really?

Sure, the Pittsburgh Steelers are not truly my family (in the most technical sense of the word), but, like a family, when they suffer, I suffer. When they lose, I lose, and when they win, I win.

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