Speech Opinion: School Uniforms

27 Mar

Awkward teenage years were almost inevitable for all of us. I’m fairly certain that no 12-year-old on the planet knows how to properly dress, which is why so many of us go through phases where we try every different hairstyle and outfit combination humanly possible.

Cue ruthless adolescent judgement.

School uniforms might seem like an ancient concept, and let’s face it, the styling could use an update, but what better to even the playing field and eliminate shallow, hurtful remarks from classmates than to require all schools implement uniforms into their dress code?

According to a survey conducted by EMU student Taylor Casche, students are feeling like they’re being judged on appearance, and not only that, but over 50 percent of families are worried about the cost of school supplies. Yet another reason to require school uniforms?

I think so.

The average cost of a school uniform, which includes khaki pants and a polo shirt, is around $26 compared with $70 for an outfit from a popular teen clothing store. Clearly, implementing school uniforms into public school dress codes can not only save the world from so many bruised egos, but save a lot of money, too.

I’m all about individualism and giving young students the opportunity to express themselves, but, sometimes the cost of expressing oneself is just too high. Teenage years are already awkward and distracting enough, what with all the raging hormones and having an earlier curfew than your friends.

Let’s not add to all that stress, rather, give kids the chance to express themselves in other ways. Maybe we can teach them about character along the way. Remember? You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

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