Restaurant review: The Arena, Ann Arbor

27 Mar

One of my favorite things to do is find a new sports bar where I can hang out and catch a game every now and then. The kind of atmosphere where complete strangers are suddenly high-fiving and sharing a drink or two just puts me in a good mood.

I could tell when I first walked into The Arena that this was that kind of place. Sure, there wasn’t a big game on TV that night so the high-fiving and yelling was in short supply, but any place that calls itself the “Restaurant of Champions” has to be pretty good, right?

Turns out it was.

Right off the bat, the atmosphere was that of a typical sports bar—memorabilia everywhere. What stood out most to me about The Arena were the individual TVs at each booth. I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to watch multiple games at a time, so what could be better than having your own personal TV for those days when your team might not be projected on their big screen?

Now, I’ll get to what is sure to be on everyone’s mind—the food. It’s safe to say that almost every item on the menu is around $7.99 with a wide variety of appetizers and entrees. As a vegetarian, sometimes it’s hard to find restaurants, especially sports bars, with food that caters to my meat-free lifestyle, but I’m happy to say that The Arena wasn’t one of them. I had at least five meatless entrees I could choose.

I finally decided on the fajita salad, and since it was happy hour, I took advantage of the three dollar draft beers that were on special. Bar food definitely has it’s place, but thankfully The Arena was more than that. Throw in a great happy hour and I’ll definitely be checking this place out again. Maybe next time I’ll get some of those high-fives that I love so much.

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