Column: EMU printing situation in Pray-Harrold

06 Mar

We’re in college. We’re forced to turn in research paper upon research paper for four years—or five or six, depending on how eager you are to graduate. Sure, new paperless technology has made it easier and more efficient to turn in assignments online, but there are always going to be those professors who are a little behind the times and want a hard copy of your work—for that, we have printers.

Scratch that, we have one printer.

At Eastern Michigan University, it is widely known that Pray-Harrold, home of the College of Arts and Sciences, has the most student traffic daily. Thousands of students trek in and out of this building every day, and the building has just recently reopened this year after $42 million worth of renovations.

I guess they forgot about printers.

Conveniently located on the second floor of Pray-Harrold is a single printer available for student use. Yes, there a a select few printers scattered throughout the computer labs in the building, but those are restricted to classroom use only. If you’re fortunate enough like me to have a class in a computer lab, you can just use that class time to print off your assignments for the rest of your classes while the professor is lecturing. I’m sure they won’t mind.

For the rest of you lacking a printer at home and taking the majority of your classes in Pray-Harrold, you haven’t fared so well.

There is a “quick print” station near the Eagle Cafe with one printer and two computers so students looking to print something in a hurry can log in, click print, collect their papers and head to class. Sounds easy and convenient enough, right?


Because of not only the two computers at the station, but the many computers from the various labs and students using their personal computers to wirelessly send documents to the printer, the lone printer understandably cannot handle the influx of information, and proceeds to jam with paper or malfunction altogether. Insert incredibly long line of frustrated students who are late to class here.

I get it. Times are tough and even the wealthiest of schools are looking to make budget cuts. But printers? We still need those. At this point, I’d settle for at least one more printer in Pray-Harrold. Maybe instead of 10 minutes late to class we can narrow that down to five.

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